“We may be looking out of the same window but we may not share the same view.

And the best view is often seen not with the eyes, but with your heart.”

Exxposures is founded and helmed by Terran, an aspiring photographer in the team who strives to be “X”traordinary in his works to bring across a new and fresh perspective through his creative and unique interpretation of visual elements.

Our key areas of expertise includes portraits, corporate, editorial, commercial, lifestyle, fashion, architecture, interior and events photography, rendering services to commercial entities, advertising firms and agencies, corporate companies and organizations as well as private clients.

With a strong emphasis on quality, visual creativity & client services, we take great pride in the work we produce, striving to consistently meet your imaging needs & requirements at a professional level.

Singapore professional photographer Terran Tang

Terran Tang – Principal Photographer

With his background in graphics and multimedia design and a strong interest in visual arts, Terran is able to rapidly adapt his photography works into visual compositions that strike a chord with many. His photography works have also appeared in various international publications. Ever a keen and passionate photographer, he seeks to continually improve and hone his skills to bring forth evocative images from a new perspective.

The old soul in him enjoys oldies, collecting retro/vintage artifacts and toys. Being an avid cyclist in his free time, he enjoys the thrill, sweat and satisfaction a good ride brings. He has always been working hard towards his dream of cycling and shooting in different parts of the world.