Was approached by Coca Cola’s local branding agency to work on an interesting lifestyle photography campaign to create brand awareness and promote their “Taste the feeling” global marketing campaign.

The objective was to create a series of story telling images that celebrates the joy and pleasure of sharing and enjoying a can of Coca Cola anywhere, any place and anytime.

The brief given was to approach and take the photos in a street style and spontaneous manner during their road shows while Coke drinks are distributed to the public and games are played around their booth. Art direction was to come from my end but has to look seemingly non-posed, with a natural touch and genuine feel, making use of natural light as much as possible.

Very often, such photography requirements are quite challenging as you are put in a situation where you have very little or no control over everything – from the peoples’ participation and enthusiasm, their reaction, the natural lighting and right down to the environmental setting etc. There just isn’t very much time to plan and ponder. You just have to make the best use of what you see and have on hand, think on your toes and put all the key elements together to try to get some good shots in that couple of hours given to you.

But it was fun and satisfying when you get emotional shots that turn out exactly or close to the way you envisioned it.

Well, here are some of the images from this photo shoot campaign to share.

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