We had the opportunity to work with a bunch of fun-loving and energetic seniors and old folks during our recent commercial photography session for Jolly Companion, which main services revolve around the provision of companionships and support for the elderlies to experience the joy of aging-in-place within the community.

The client wants us to capture a series of images that depict the emotional bonds between the companions and the elderlies and at the same time, showcasing the various integrated services they offer.

The story board and art direction were discussed with the client before hand and a site recce was conducted to source for suitable background settings for the various scenes. Our initial concerns of whether we could get the elderlies to warm up quickly to the camera were unfounded as they were all able to settle in fast and were pretty enthusiastic about their roles in front of the camera.

Overall, it was a refreshing experience entirely working with a joyful and cheerful group of individuals who are an entire generation ahead of us.

Do check out some of the images from this lifestyle and commercial photography session below.

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